Welcome to New Creations Salon, Kansas City! Your visit here is sure to be a truly relaxing and educational experience. We specialize in natural curly hair and color correction. Our stylist are DevaCurl trained and Certified. You are sure to notice right away that our talented staff is extremely warm and friendly. Our in-depth consultations help to ensure that we get to know your goals. Our unique interactive styling ensures you can reproduce and maintain your great new style at home. Most importantly you will leave with a smile.

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A 3 story house has been renovated into a unique very cute eclectic use of space, color, and art. We want to create and maintain a laid back environment so that everyone can feel comfortable. Our secret is communication with our clients about their goals, taking pride in our work, having integrity in our everyday dealings with people and mostly being ourselves. All of this creates a place that really envelopes relaxation and a piece of mind. This is the kind of Hair Salon that makes you feel welcome and comfortable to be exactly who you are.

Located in Westport the heart of Kansas City since 1996!
New Creations Salon
118 Westport Rd.
Kansas City, MO 64111
(816) 561-8373
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