Tips For A Successful Salon Visit

So you've decided it's time to take care of your hair, and it needs to happen ASAP! Now what?

Well, I have thrown together some quick tips to make sure you (and your stylist) have the most successful, enjoyable visit.


1. Decide on your desired service - make sure you know what service you need so you can book accordingly. If you are unsure of what service you need, feel free to call and we can help guide you.

2. Book an appointment - Once you know what you want to do to your hair, book the appointment. Call the salon at (816) 561-8373.

3. Find photos of what your would like your hair to look like - This can be anything from photos of your hair when you love it, pictures found on Google search, or as intricate as a hair board on Pinterest. Don't worry about finding just the right ONE, as these will be inspiration photos, not carbon copies. You can also check out @newcreationskc on Instagram for inspiring photos.

4. Book a Consultation - If you are unsure about what you want with your color, cut or hair service, book a consultation. This can be the best way to ensure that you create the best plan for your hair goals. It is usually around 15-30 minutes. We do consultations free of charge.

5. Make sure your hair is CLEAN and dry for any COLOR service - Yes, I know the old wives tale, but if we are coloring the hair, especially if making it lighter, the hair-color will perform at its peak if it isn't trying to penetrate oils to and buildup. This is why a Master Reset may also be an advisable service to book BEFORE your color visit.

6. Be prepared to answer questions - Your stylist will ask about what products you are currently using on our hair, your history with hair-color, texture services, etc. Some guests even take photos of the products they are using, so they don't have to remember all of the names in the chair. Knowing what you are using on your hair now can help us to improve your hair in the future.

7. Allow enough time to arrive on schedule to your appointment - stylists book their days as efficiently as possible, and to ensure that everyone gets the best experience they can at New Creations Salon, guests should be on time. If you have not arrived to the salon by 15 minutes after your appointment time, your appointment may need to be rescheduled.


1. Speak Up - During the consultation it is crucial to be honest. Communicate the needs of your hair, your likes and dislikes, how you style your hair, if you need HELP styling your hair, etc. I am here to provide services and information, so always feel free to ask questions.

2. Do a Master Reset - Often times, the best first step in a hair repair journey is a Master Reset, which removes all previous buildup and minerals form the hair, followed by an Olaplex Treatment and deep conditioner. These minerals dull the hair and lead to discoloration, damage, frizziness, dullness, and interfere with hair color.

3. Start to build your product arsenal - During your appointment, the products used will be chosen based on your particular needs. These products all work together to give you amazing hair. It can be overwhelming on your first appointment, but we start with the most important items and slowly build your arsenal over the course of your future visits.

4. Book your next appointment before you leave - To ensure you get an appointment that will be at a convenient time for you, and to avoid "squeezing in", it is always best to pre-book your next appointment. You will get a reminder for your appointment 3 days before, and then again the day before.


1. Shout it form the rooftops - If you enjoyed your experience at New Creates Salon, tell a friend! New referrals receive 20% off their first visit, and you get 20% off your next appointment. This is my favorite way to build new business, and my appreciation of this can't be overstate.

2. Social Media shout-outs / Online reviews - This is a great way to let the world know about your experience. It doesn't have to be a novel, just a few sentences will do. Review sites are many, but some of my most active are Facebook, Yelp, and Google+.

3. NO Hot Water - Never us hot water on our hair. If you enjoy hot showers, just turn the water to warm/cool whenever the water will be touching your hair. Shampoo, rinse, apply conditioner, and then turn the shower hot again while your conditioner penetrates into your hair. Then when you're ready to leave the shower, turn temperature as cold as you can stand it and rinse your hair without getting the water on your body (unless you don't mind the cold, because it is GREAT for your skin as well!). This is easier in summer months, but will make a huge difference in your hair. Especially if dryness/frizziness/tangling/color retention is an issue.

4. Always use a heat protectant when heat styling - Every ColorProof product has heat protection & UV protection. You can NEVER have too much heat protection. Heat styling without a guard leads to faded color, split ends, and breakage. keep irons below 370 for most cases.

5. Do a Clafity/Olaplex - This is especially true for color treated guests, or those who heat style. We abuse our hair frequently throughout the week and a Quick Reset works wonders. ClearItUp is a gentle, color safe, sulfate free clarifying shampoo that removes surface build up from the hair. This should ideally be followed by an Olaplex #3 treatment, shampooed out and followed deep conditioner. This ensures your hair has sufficient strength, moisture, and protein.

6. Get Scrunchies - What you were your hair up with makes a big difference as far as breakage goes. If you can start wearing scrunchies in our hair (hello 90's fashion comeback!) then you will have less tension breakage. Wearing your hair on top of your head in a scrunchie will also reduce tangling and matting when sleeping, and keep your blowout/style fresh without kinks.

7. Update your Hot Tools - If you heat style multiple times a week, it would be a great investment to upgrade your hot tools if you haven't recently. Ask your stylist for the best tools for your particular hair type. Using poor quality or old hot tools can give you hot spots and excessive damage. Today's blow dryers have really come a long way in imparting shine and reducing drying time.

8. Don't wash your hair everyday - This is much more commonly known today, but there are still people who wash their hair everyday! Sometimes it's a trip to the gym, or the hair looking disheveled after sleeping, many reasons why some people still wash their hair everyday. Well, consider just conditioning the hair from the ears down after a good cool rinse on the hair. You can still get that refreshed feeling if you "COWASH" (wash with conditioner). Try it once! You might just like it, and that would cut your washing by 50%!!!

Meeting a new stylist, and going to a new salon can be scary, but at New Creations Salon, knowledge is power. Education is a huge focus, and that is what you can look forward to at our salon. I hope these tips have proven beneficial, and look forward to educating all of my guests about their particular hair type and texture, styling tips, proper product usage, and much MUCH more.

Thank you for reading
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