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We use a sensitive skin zinc oxide hard wax, which contains lemon grass, aloe & chamomile essential oils, that act as an anti allergenic agent and provides additional anti-bacterial & herbal anti-inflammatory protection. The zinc helps dilate the skins pores minimizing pain and irritation. Hard wax is a low temperature wax which is spread on the ski after applying an oil, preventing it from sticking to the skin, only the hair; which allows about 80% less contact. It also contains papaya extract; which is a growth inhibitor.

Waxing Menu

  • Eyebrows: Contour/design shape: $18
  • Lip/Chin: $10
  • Brows & Lip: $25
  • Face: Cheeks/Chin/Neck: $28
  • Under-Arms: $18
  • Back & Chest: $55+
  • Legs: Full/Half: $70 / $45
  • Arms: $28
  • Bikini $35
  • Deep Bikini: $50+
  • Brazilian: (women only) $60+
For Brazilian bikini waxing hair needs to be 1/4in long; long enough to grab a hold of, but short enough for wax to reach hair follicle. Please trim hair before your appointment. Want to learn more about Brazilian Waxing? Check out our salon blog for more information

Brazilian Waxing Do's & Don'ts
  • Do trim hair...Long hair makes waxing more painful, wax needs to be able to reach hair follicle to remove it properly.
  • Do allow about 10-14 days of growth before waxing.
  • Do take two Advil on hour before your appointment. Better safe than sorry.
  • Do consult Mother Nature before booking your first waxing appointment. Schedule an initial waxing appointment several days after menstruation, when you are less sensitive to discomfort.
  • Do return every four to six weeks and book appointment's in advance. Once you become comfortable with your waxer you won't want to lose her to scheduling conflicts.
  • Don't shave between waxing appointments. This makes the hair more resistant to future waxing.
  • Do go to an aestheticism you feel you can trust.

Do not expect a picnic the very first time, though many women say it is MUCH less painful then they imagined. It does hurt and there's no way around this! The best practitioners are the quickest, most effective ones. A Brazilian bikini wax should take about a half hour the first visit and much quicker after that.

Don't attempt waxing the tree days prior to, and the first three days of your menstrual cycle. You will be more sensitive at that time, and waxing will be much more painful. Some people like to take anti-histamine before waxing to prevent bumps or irritation. Also, some swear by a pre-treatment Advil or two

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