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What is a Deva Curl Cut?

The DevaCurl Cutting technique is a revolutionary method for cutting curly & wavy hair. Curly hair needs to be treated differently than other hair textures. The hair is cut dry because; we wear our hair dry not wet. We cut the hair in it's natural form, curl by curl. Since curly hair & it's spring factor can be misinterpreted while wet. This unique innovation allows the stylist to sculpt each clients hair, according to their individual curl pattern, look & style. The DevaCurl cut along with self curl care lessons to take you beyond the salon ensuring you can style at home, allows you have the curls you've always wanted!

Preparing your hair to get a DevaCurl Cut
Always wear your hair down when you come to get your hair cut. This is important because we need to be able to see your curl pattern. DO NOT wear your hair pulled up in a ponytail or break up your curl families. No headband, clips or bobby pins should be worn in the hair. We recommend washing your hair and letting it dry naturally so we can see your most optimized curl. If hair is not worn down an additional change many be incurred as we will have to rehydrate your curls before we can begin to access your curls.

New Creations Salon Certified DevaCurl Stylists.

Embracing your curls begins with a proven three-step hair care technique: Cleanse. Hydrate. Define. That is the Deva 3-Step. No matter your curl type: S'wavy. Wavy, Botticelli or Corkscrew, doing the Deva 3-Step guarantees naturally gorgeous and frizz free, manageable curls.

By nature, curly hair tends to be dry. Without sufficient moisture, curls become dehydrated, resulting in frizz. The combination of devaCurl No-Poo, DevaCurl One Condition and DevaCUrl Light Defining Gel provides curls with the ideal balance of conditioning, miniaturization, and definition. 

Do the DevaCurl 3 Step!!

Step 1: Cleanse
A healthy scalp and sulfate free shampoo alternative, DevaCurl No-Poo is the first step to beautiful, natural curls. Most shampoos contain harsh, dehydrating detergents that create lather that strip curls of their moisture and irritate skin. The award-winning DevaCurl No-Poo is different because it is a 100% sulfate, paraven and silicone free non-lathering shampoo, and it is enriched with gentle yet protective blend of botanical and moisturizing ingredients.

Step 2: Hydrate
Work a generous amount of DevaCurl One Condition through water soaked curls to achieve maximum moisture and conditioning for natural curls. Glide the conditioner downward through curls with your fingers. Really rake it into your curls in sections. You will feel the hair accept the conditioner and curl patter emerge. Rinse all but 20% of the conditioner, this allows the moisture to fill the cuticle of the hair eliminating frizz and improving curl pattern. The DevaCurl One Condition ultra creamy conditioner is excellent for daily use and for all curl types.

Step 3: Define
Get ready for definition! DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel is considered to be one of the best products for curly hair. It is an alcohol free, light hold, moisturizing and dei-ning gel. While still in the shower with your hair soaking wet apply a palmful of the gel, tip your tresses upside down and scrunch gel upward toward the scalp. DevaCurl gel dissolves instantly and dries forming a moisture-protection cast to enhance curls. Do not touch or scrunch curls until hair is completely dry. Once dry, scrunch curls again to release the gel cast. Voila! The result is beautiful, bouncy curls.

Things to Remember

  • Have your hair trimmed dry. This will get rid of any damage or split ends while preventing uneven shrinkage.
  • Use sulfate free zero lather shampoo. Most shampoos contain harsh, drying sulfates that are extremely damaging for curly hair (ammonium laureth sulfate, ammonium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, etc.) They make curly hair frizzy and uncooperative. Using a sulfate free shampoo will cleanse the hair just as effectively without stripping it of moisture. Shampoo scalp only.

    "You'd never dream of washing a good sweater with detergent. Yet most shampoos contain harsh detergents (sodium lauryl sulfate or laureth sulfate) that one finds in dish washing liquid. They work great for pots and pans because they cut grease so effectively. Your hair on the other hand, needs to retain some natural oils, which protect your hair and scalp. Stripping them away deprives the hair of necessary moisture and amino acids and makes it look dry and dull"

  • Distribute conditioner throughout ends untangle gently. Use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. Start by untangling bottom sections of your hair and then gradually move upwards. Let the conditioner sit in your hair for five minutes or so for extra moisture. You also may want to part your hair at this point with a comb. Part your hair to the side to prevent "triangle-shaped."
  • Do the final rinse of your hair with cool or cold water. This will decrease frizz and add shine. Leave some conditioner in your hair, especially in dry sections like the ends.
  • Stop using a brush. It damages your hair whether it is wet or dry. It causes frizz and makes dry hair tangle. Use a wide-toothed comb instead, or even better, use your fingers. If it is difficult to detangle your hair this way, add more conditioner to your hair or trim unruly ends.
  • Apply products when your hair is still soaking wet. This will trap the moisture inside the cuticle of the hair, giving you moisture-rich curls. When your hair dries completely scrunch your hair. This will release the gel cast allowing your curls to look their best. (Micro-fiber towels work best. Cotton t-shirts work well; they absorb the moisture, but do not leave hair frizzy; paper towels can also be used).

Curl Knowledge

Why is curly hair dry?

Most people treat their scalp and hair at the same time. You should treat your scalp the same way you treat your facial skin, by cleansing it gently and keeping it moisturized. Nature designs it that way. The sebaceous glands release sebum (the skins natural oil) that lubricates the hair. A normal head of hair contains about 120,000 hairs as opposed to curly heads that only contain about 100,000 strands of hair. Because a head of curly hair has less hair there are fewer sebaceous glands.

It is possible to have dry hair and an oily scalp. The sebaceous glands work overtime trying to hydrate the curls, but the end results is a flaky dry scalp and then an oily greasy scalp. Having combination sin is one clue that you may have an oily scalp. The solution is to rinse the scalp daily, give it a gentle rub and a good water rinsing. Shampoo less frequently to help eliminate frizz, dry scalp and get a better rotation on your curl, overall it will make your curls more manageable. Curl that YOU are in control of! Most people should shampoo about 80% less than they do if they have curly hair....It simply sucks the life out of curls and creates fizzy unruly hair.

Optimizing your curls!
  • Do not layer unless you have been with your stylist for some time and know they know how to layer curly hair.
  • Clip top layer of h air up while you scrunch hair below (try using spray gel)
  • Use hair clips at root while hair dries. This will encourage volume and curls or temporarily straighten your hair. Depending on how you slip it. It is best to clip at root by curl family to add volume exactly where you need it most. 
  • Another option for volume is to blow it dry with diffuser while lifting the hair and drying from under the hair.
  • If going out into the wind, twist or braid sections of your hair and pin or clip them to the crown of your head. Take down at your destination and it will be curly and non-frizzy.

Additional Reading

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